Application Checklist

  • Have you answered YES to Question 1 and clicked the SUBMIT button on the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which reads “Do you want to be considered for the Disability Access Route to Education” by 1 March 2017?
  • Have you and your school completed the Educational Impact Statement and have you sent it to the CAO by 1 April 2017?
  • Has your Evidence of Disability documentation been completed by the appropriate medical/ educational professional?
  • Was your Evidence of Disability documentation completed by the appropriate medical/ educational professional within the last 3 years if you are applying under ADD/ ADHD, Mental Health condition and/ or Significant Ongoing Illness?
  • Is your Evidence of Disability documentation signed and stamped by the appropriate professional OR on headed paper OR accompanied by a business card?
  • For applicants with an SLD, have you submitted a full psychological assessment report of any age AND attainment scores dated after 1 February 2015?
  • Have you sent your Evidence of Disability documentation to CAO by 1 April 2017?
  • If you are applying to carry your DARE eligibility forward from 2016 to 2017 have you completed the steps to do that as detailed here?

Download a checklist form here

Posting your documentation

  • Keep photocopies of ALL documents that you are posting.
  • Put your name and CAO number on every document you send.
  • Get proof of postage each time you are posting documentation.
  • You can get a certificate of postage from An Post. For your convenience, there are four certificates of postage slips pre-printed on the back cover of the CAO Handbook. Just ask the teller in An Post to stamp one of the certificates when you are sending your documentation.
  • For confirmation that the documents you posted arrived safely in CAO, enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your documentation.
  • While you may receive confirmation upon receipt of documentation, DARE will not contact you about incomplete or incorrect documentation, so please ensure that you have supplied all documents requested on your checklist by 1 April 2017. Please contact a DARE advisor if you have any questions in advance of submitting your documentation.