Sometimes when we are so focused on getting a complete and accurate DARE application in (and on time!), we can forget what the scheme is really about. DARE is about make college more accessible and the goal of higher education more reachable for determined and hard-working young people who have some extra challenges, due to having a disability.

On this page, you can get all the details you need about the events we run to connect with people making an application to DARE. These events are run by the colleges participating in DARE and are a great opportunity to get support in making your application, get more information about the schemes or just to meet the people working in the colleges you might one day attend.

On this page, you can also read Student Stories from people who were successful in the DARE process and who went on to attend and complete higher education. These people may be from the same place as you, or may be studying a subject you are interested in, or maybe are attending a college you would like to attend. Read their stories and learn from their experience, and maybe one day your student story will be published and will inspire the next generation of students.

Join the conversation! See the Facebook feed for up-to-date information about what is going on in the world of HEAR and DARE, or click on the Facebook link and view the whole page. Though don’t get distracted by videos of goats in pyjamas, come back to the site when you are ready to make your application.

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Would you like to see your DARE story here too?

Watch the Student Stories videos below to know more about what it is like to go to college using the DARE route. These stories are those of young people who are now in college or who have finished their degrees. You might find out more about what to expect when you go to college, or maybe even some inspiration for you as you think about what to do next.

Then, later down the line, if you decide to go to a college participating in the DARE scheme and get in through the DARE route, you could pass on your DARE Student Story to inspire future students to follow in your footsteps!

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Advice & Information Event

2020 DARE & HEAR Application Information Day

Date: Saturday 11 January 2020
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Nationwide

DARE organises Application Information Events each year. The Application Information Day provides an opportunity for you and/ or your parent(s)/ guardian(s) to drop in to meet with a member of the DARE team to discuss your application. Drop in anytime between 10am and 2pm for information on the HEAR and DARE Schemes:

Talk to DARE and HEAR advisors about your application.
Information videos will be shown hourly throughout the morning.
Applicants, parents, guardians, teachers, guidance counsellors all welcome.

Please click here for further details on the specific locations of this event

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