Terms and Conditions

To apply to DARE you must agree to the DARE Terms and Conditions below:

  1. I have read, understood and will comply with the rules and requirements of application as detailed in the DARE Application Handbook.
  2. I understand that it is my responsibility (and not that of my parents, guardians, teachers, or anyone else) to ensure that all parts of my DARE application (i.e. Sections A, B and C) are submitted in a complete and accurate manner, within the DARE deadlines. Failure to do so will negatively affect the outcome of my DARE application.
  3. I understand that:
    a. information provided on my DARE application form by 1 March 2022,
    b. documentation received by the CAO by 15 March 2022 and, where relevant,
    c. any further additional documentation requested by DARE received within the specified deadline,
    d. and any further information considered relevant by DARE,
    will be considered when determining the outcome of my DARE application.
  4. Neither the CAO nor the participating DARE higher education institutions will accept any responsibility for any loss or hardship arising as a result of an applicant’s failure to supply correct and complete information at the appropriate time.
  5. I understand that all information supplied as part of my DARE application may be subject to verification or clarification and that DARE can request additional documentation from me in relation to any aspect of my application. Failure to supply additional documentation within the specified deadlines will result in my ineligibility for DARE.
  6. I understand that DARE can request that I attend for assessment by an independent professional (or where required, by a number of independent professionals), to be nominated by DARE as part of DARE’s consideration of my application, and that:
    a. DARE will cover the cost of this assessment and any reasonable costs that I may incur in attending. The determination of such reasonable costs will rest with DARE.
    b. Failure to attend testing within the specified deadlines will result in my ineligibility for DARE.
  7. I understand that, if I accept a DARE place, a condition of acceptance is that I must register with the Disability Service of the participating higher education institution to which I am admitted, and agree on a schedule of meetings with that service. I accept that failure to register or attend scheduled meetings with the Disability Service without prior permission from the service could result in my reduced points DARE place being withdrawn.
  8. Where I am found to have made false declarations, or it is found that anyone else has made false declarations as part of my DARE application, I understand that I will be ineligible for DARE. I also understand that the participating DARE higher education institutions reserve the right not to consider my application, and/or to cancel any offers of places in cases where it is found, during or post-admission to higher education, that false or misleading information was supplied in my DARE application.
  9. I understand that data contained in my DARE application will be used for research and analysis purposes by participating HEIs, agents acting on behalf of the HEIs or the CAO, but that this data will be anonymised and none of my personal data will be identifiable should it be published.
  10. I certify that all information I have supplied in my DARE application is accurate and true.