Application Checklist

Supporting Document Checklist

You can use this page to work out what types of documents you need to supply. Review each question and answer Yes/No to each. Where you answer Yes, check the “Document Required” column. This tells you what documents you must send to the CAO by 1 April 2017.

If you have indicated income from both parents you must submit documents detailing both their incomes.

Click on the page links below to view further information in the specific pages of the HEAR Handbook.

Type of income Documents Required
Was your parent/guardian in paid employment in 2015 on a full, part-time or temporary basis? Yes?
No ?
P21 for 2015 from Revenue Commissioners
See page 24 of HEAR Handbook.
Was your parent/guardian self-employed, engaged in farming, or receiving rent from rental properties in 2015? Yes?
No ?
Self-Assessment Letter – Chapter 4 for 2015* from Revenue Commissioners
Tax Exemption Letter
See page 24 of HEAR Handbook.
Did your parent/guardian receive any social welfare payments in 2015 other than child benefit? Yes?
No ?
Department of Social Protection (DSP) Form or DSP Statement
See page 27 of HEAR Handbook.
Did your parent/guardian receive any lump sum payments in 2015 from his/her former employer as a result of being made redundant? Yes ?
No  ?
Form RP50 Notification of Redundancy
Redundancy Lump Sum Letter from Employer
See page 28.
Was your parent/guardian retired in 2015? Yes?
No ?
  • Retirement Lump Sum Letter from Employer
    (page 28) and/or
  • P21 for 2015 / Self-Assessment  Letter – Chapter 4 for 2015*
    (page 24) and or
  • Department of Social Protection Form for 2015 signed and stamped
    (page 27).
  • HEAR requires evidence of a full year’s income for 2015 (i.e. 52 weeks).
    Some applicants, depending on their parent(s)’/guardian(s)’ circumstances in 2015, may need to submit Revenue Commissioner’s documents and/or evidence of other income as well as evidence of DSP income.
  • If more than one family member is making an application to HEAR ensure you send full documents for each family member.
  •  Submit all supporting documents before 1 April 2017. No late supporting documents will be accepted after 1 April 2017.

Children in Care of the State / HSE / TUSLA

If you are a foster/separated child or in the Care of the Health Service Executive / TUSLA, you must:

  • Supply a letter from TUSLA detailing:
    • That you are currently in the Care of TUSLA or you had previously been in the Care of the State/HSE. 

A sample letter and further information is available here.

Final Checklist
  • Have you applied online to CAO by 17:15 on 1st February 2017 at
  • Have you indicated in your CAO application that you wish to apply for the HEAR scheme by 1 February 2017?
  • Have you fully and correctly complete all elements of the HEAR form (the HEAR form is a part of your CAO application) by 17:15 on 1st March 2017?
  • Have you sent your supporting documents to CAO by 17:15 on 1st April 2017?
Always get assistance from your parents or guardians and use the HEAR Handbook to help you answer all the relevant question on your online HEAR application.