Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Education Access Route

What is the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)?
Who is HEAR for?
Why was HEAR set up?
What does 'reduced points' mean?
Which colleges take part in HEAR?
How many places are there for HEAR students each year?
How do I know if I'm eligible to apply to HEAR - what criteria are used?
How can I apply to HEAR?
How do I know what supporting documents to provide?
My parents are separated or divorced. Do I need to include both of them in Section 7 of the online application form and provide evidence of their income to HEAR?
I have no contact with one of my parents? What should I do?
I am no longer in Care of the State. How do I make an application?
What happens after HEAR applicants are assessed?
What happens if I am offered a place in college through HEAR?
I’m ineligible but I think there are some mistake in the assessment of my application - what can I do?
Can I defer my HEAR eligibility for 1 year?
I am currently supporting myself (through either work or social welfare) and I am completely independent of my parents/guardian. How do I fill in section 6 & 7 of my HEAR application form?
Due to my parent’s/guardian’s financial circumstances, they are unable to provide the documents that HEAR requested on the application checklist. What do I provide?