What happens after I submit my application?

Some information is provided here about what happens after you submit your application to HEAR.

How is my application assessed?

Your application will be assessed by trained HEAR assessors. When you make an application to HEAR, the information you submit is checked, for example; the Revenue documents you submit to support your application under Indicator 1 Low Income or your or your parent’s/ guardian’s PPS number for Indicator 2 Medical Card. Then your application is assessed overall to make sure that you meet the correct combination of indicators.

To be eligible after this assessment, you must meet Indicator 1, the HEAR Income Limit, plus a correct combination of 2 other indicators to be eligible for HEAR. Combinations that allow you to take part in the HEAR Scheme are:

INDICATOR 1 plus 2 plus 4 or 5 or 6
INDICATOR 1 plus 3 plus 4 or 5 or 6
INDICATOR 1 plus 4 plus 5 or 6
INDICATOR 1 plus 5 plus 6

What happens after my application is assessed?

You will be notified of the outcome of your HEAR application by the end of June. If you do not receive any correspondence by July 1, contact a member of the HEAR team.

What does it mean if I am eligible for HEAR?

  • You can compete for one of the reduced points places on offer in the colleges and universities taking part in HEAR.
  • All HEAR course offers are made by the CAO.
  • You must meet the minimum entry and course requirements to be considered for one of the reduced points places.
  • Details of places available and minimum course entry requirements can be found on each participating college’s website on this site.

What happens if I receive a HEAR offer?

  • You will be notified by CAO and by the college or university that makes you the HEAR offer.
  • If you accept your place, do so through CAO and the college or university.
  • If you are offered a HEAR place, you are required to attend the HEAR Orientation Programme in the college or university in which you accepted the place. The Orientation Programme will introduce you to university/college and give you a great start to your first year in third level.
  • Details of orientation dates can be found here.

What does it mean if I am ineligible for HEAR?

  • You will be informed by letter why your application was ineligible. Applicants are ineligible because they did not meet criteria or they failed to meet the terms and conditions of application.
  • Being ineligible for HEAR means that you cannot compete for one of the reduced points places.
  • You can still get into college if you meet the entry requirements for the course of your choice.
  • It does not affect any application you may make to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) for a maintenance grant.

HEAR has a process for reviewing contested outcomes to make sure that all HEAR applicants are treated fairly and the assessment procedures have been applied consistently. Further information about this process, including deadlines for contesting outcomes, can be found here.