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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


As a dedicated health sciences institution, RCSI is wholly focused on developing healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide. RCSI has a long heritage of providing medical education for more than 230 years. It has been a distinctive feature for generations that the College enjoys a vibrant combination of nationalities and cultures where our students from around the world exchange ideas and learn from one another. Our students enjoy the full ‘RCSI Experience’, which extends beyond the Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Medicine curriculum, to a rich tapestry of student clubs and societies that equip them for a life of leadership and civic participation.

RCSI Entry Requirements 2017

For full details on the undergraduate entry requirements please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

Please also see the college Prospectus: http://www.rcsi.ie/files/admissions/docs/20161103123221_2017_EU_Prospectus.pdf

How HEAR offers are made

Six percent of RCSI’s CAO School Leaver places are allocated on reduced points to HEAR eligible applicants.

RC001 Medicine has 39 CAO places for school leavers; two of these places are offered on reduced points to HEAR applicants.

RC004 Physiotherapy has 13 CAO places for school leavers; one is offered on reduced points to a HEAR applicant.

RC005 Pharmacy has 30 CAO places for school leavers; two of these places are offered on reduced points to HEAR applicants.

In addition to the ten HEAR & DARE reduced points places, RCSI offers two reduced points places to HEAR eligible applicants who may, also wish to apply for the The Aim High Medicine or Kiran Pathak Pharmacy Scholarships.



For information on DARE at RCSI:


Contact details of the HEAR advisor

Céleste Golden, Admissions Officer

Céleste Golden. Portrait

T: 01 402 2237
E: hear@rcsi.ie
W: http://www.rcsi.ie/access