St. Angela’s College, Sligo
B.Ed (Home Economics)

I am a fourth year student at St. Angela’s College Sligo and have been availing of the HEAR scheme for the duration of my studies. I would highly recommend that students apply for the HEAR scheme, as I found it to be extremely helpful in enhancing my third level studies. Before I attended college, HEAR accommodated an orientation day for the participants. I found this to be very helpful in aiding my transition from second level to third level education. I got a thorough tour of the college and also met new friends from this experience, which made me feel more relaxed about my first day at college. The HEAR scheme also provided resources, such as free manuals, and also gave me certain equipment for free for my first year of college. I receive financial support at the beginning of each year from HEAR, for which I am grateful, as it helps to ease the economic burden of college.