DARE review and appeals

Appeals relating to missing DARE HEAR application deadlines

The CAO has an Independent Appeals Commission to which recourse may be had by applicants who believe that they have been treated unfairly by the CAO, and whose complaints have not been resolved by the CAO. The function of the Appeals Commission is to ensure that the rules are applied fairly. The Appeals Commission cannot set the rules aside for applicants who appeal for special treatment.

The CAO Independent Appeals Commission will consider appeals from:

  1. Applicants who miss the July Review and Appeals deadlines, i.e. applicants who met the March 1 and April 1 deadlines, received an ineligible application outcome letter from DARE or HEAR but missed the Review and Appeals deadline.
  2. Applicants who missed the DARE or HEAR April 1 deadline, i.e. applicants who applied to DARE or HEAR by March 1 but did not provide any of the required supporting documents by April 1.
  3. Applicants who miss the DARE or HEAR March 1 deadline