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Athlone Institute of Technology

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Athlone Institute of Technology was established in 1970. The main campus is situated approximately 1.5 miles from the town centre on the Dublin Road. The Institute currently offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to 5,000 students, which has been a factor in attracting many industries to the town.

AIT Entry Requirements

  • If you apply to Athlone Institute of Technology, you must achieve the Minimum Entry Requirements for your chosen course.
  • Minimum entry requirements vary from course to course.
  • Students must obtain both the minimum entry requirements and the specific programme requirements.

Students applying to AIT should familiarise themselves with the specific programme requirements listed in our Undergraduate Prospectus and on the website www.ait.ie.

How DARE offers are made

DARE eligible students who meet minimum entry requirements and specific subject requirements will be offered a place on their chosen course on reduced points up to a maximum 10% points reduction. Quotas of places are not reserved for DARE students in AIT.

Information on the number of reduced points places per course available in AIT is available: HERE

Contact details of the DARE advisor

Disability Liaison Officer

T: 090 646 8142
E: dare@ait.ie
W: www.ait.ie/disability