Maynooth University is a dynamic and innovative university with 11,000 Irish and international students. Situated 25km west of Dublin, it is located in Ireland’s only university town, Maynooth. It offers a student-friendly environment providing world-class teaching and research facilities and courses, while still retaining a uniquely friendly and personal atmosphere.


Minimum entry requirements

Maynooth University Entry Requirements 2017

If you are eligible for HEAR, you must meet the following criteria to be offered a place at Maynooth University:

  • You must meet the minimum entry and subject requirements for the course you have chosen. As entry and subject requirements may be different for each course, you should check details on www.maynoothuniveristy.ie for the requirements of each preference listed on your CAO form.
  • You must attain a minimum of 300 points in your Leaving Certificate.

Maynooth University Restricted Courses

  • MH103 Music
  • MH116 Community and Youth Work (Full-Time)
  • MH117 Community and Youth Work (Part-time, In-Service)
  • MH801 Early Childhood Education (Part-time)

How DARE offers are made

Information on the method of selecting eligible HEAR students for the reduced points places is available at: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/study-maynooth/tackling-educational-disadvantage-hear/hear
Information on the number of reduced points places per course available in Maynooth is available at: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/sites/default/files/assets/document/MU%20DARE%20HEAR%20Reduced%20Points%20Places%20Available%2020160415_0.pdf


For information on HEAR at Maynooth: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/study-maynooth/supporting-students-disabilities/dare


Contact details of the DARE advisor

Ask for: Catherine Doherty, Access Office Senior Executive Assistant

T: 01 708 6025
E: hear@nuim.ie
W: www.maynoothuniversity.ie/access-office


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