As a dedicated health sciences institution, RCSI is wholly focused on developing healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide. RCSI has a long heritage of providing medical education for more than 230 years. It has been a distinctive feature for generations that the College enjoys a vibrant combination of nationalities and cultures where our students from around the world exchange ideas and learn from one another. Our students enjoy the full ‘RCSI Experience’, which extends beyond the Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Medicine curriculum, to a rich tapestry of student clubs and societies that equip them for a life of leadership and civic participation.


Minimum entry requirements

RCSI Entry Requirements 2017

For full details on the undergraduate entry requirements please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

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How DARE offers are made

6% of RCSI’s CAO School Leaver places are allocated on reduced points to DARE eligible applicants.

RC001 Medicine has 39 CAO places for school leavers, 2 of these places are offered on reduced points to DARE applicants.

RC004 Physiotherapy has 13 CAO places for school leavers, 1 is offered on reduced points to a DARE applicant.

RC005 Pharmacy has 30 CAO places for school leavers, 2 of these places are offered on reduced points to DARE applicants.

For information on HEAR at RCSI: http://www.rcsi.ie/access


Contact details of the DARE advisor

Ask for: Céleste Golden, Admissions Officer

T: 01 402 2237
E: dare@rcsi.ie
W: http://www.rcsi.ie



Our student stories

When I chose RCSI as my first choice on my CAO application last year, I had high expectations-especially after attending RCSI’s Open Day two years in a row and getting a glimpse at what studying medicine here would be like. Now that I have finished my first year, I’m proud to say RCSI has exceeded those expectations. From the innovative approach RCSI has to healthcare, to the friendliness of staff and fellow students, I immediately felt wholly impressed and at home. I find it wonderfully inspiring to be surrounded by many staff and students alike who are entirely dedicated to understanding and improving healthcare.

Before I started in RCSI, I excitedly attended its Open Days. These Open Days served as one of the greatest motivations for me to study medicine. It was the first time I witnessed a live surgery. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to interact with lecturers and patients alike and get a hands-on experience of what studying medicine might be like. Aside from these insights, the old building itself was remarkable, yet I was surprised to find RCSI had facilities that were also modern and state-of- the- art. I felt enamoured by the seamless marriage between the wonderful history of RCSI and its innovative outlook on healthcare. It was evident from the Open Day that RCSI is globally-minded and that it aims to make a difference in healthcare worldwide. This certainly inspired me to not only study medicine, but to study it in RCSI.

As a Research Summer School student, I’ve also been given the opportunity to both witness and experience the ground-breaking research RCSI undertakes. I believe RCSI’s dedication to providing its students with excellent education, both in and outside the lecture theatres, is unrivalled. You’re enabled to develop an academic, clinical and laboratory skill-set from the very beginning as you’re presented with opportunities to immerse yourself in many different areas of medicine. I have found staff go above and beyond to ensure learning medicine is how it should be-utterly interesting, appropriately challenging and absolutely worth it.

In addition to delivering outstanding academic education, RCSI teaches beyond that. I admire how staff ensures students empathetically keep the patient-centred approach of medicine in mind and help us to develop both professionally and personally. With GP visits and patients symposiums within the first few months, they emphasise the importance of taking time to understand patients and their individual experiences. The programme and extracurricular activities ensure you become a conscientious, well-rounded and empathetic doctor upon graduation. Moreover, RCSI offer a multitude of clubs, societies and events that nurture a vibrant social life in college. With everything from sports to nature walks to nights out, I truly feel there is fun to be had by everyone and plenty of opportunities to unwind and expand one’s social horizons.

Overall I feel extremely fortunate to be able to say I study at RCSI. Walking through its doors each day never ceases to motivate and inspire me. I look at RCSI as my home away from home, a place where I can truly be myself as I’m surrounded by like-minded people.

Posted by / February 8, 2017