Delivering Equality of Opportunity In Schools (DEIS) is an initiative of the Department of Education and Skills aimed at lessening educational disadvantage and bringing about social inclusion in primary and second level education. Traditionally, few students from these schools go on to third level education. Also, children from DEIS schools tend to leave school earlier and do less well academically than students from other schools. Further information on DEIS, including a listing of all DEIS schools, is available on the DES website: www.education.ie.

You must have completed five years in a secondary school that takes part in the DEIS scheme in order to meet this indicator.

The list of schools on the online application includes every second level DEIS school in the country listed as the official school name. HEAR can only assess on the information provided on the online application.

If you attended more than one second level school, you are asked on the online application to enter details of all schools.

Applicants meeting Indicator 5 must meet a combination of 2 other indicators as listed below:

INDICATOR 1 plus 2 plus 5
INDICATOR 1 plus 3 plus 5
INDICATOR 1 plus 4 plus 5
INDICATOR 1 plus 5 plus 6