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Pontifical University Maynooth

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The Pontifical University, Maynooth opened its doors as an educational institution in 1795 and, over the intervening two centuries, it has established for itself an impressive reputation for scholarship and learning. The Pontifical University has close links with Maynooth University. The two universities share the same campus and co-operate in a number of important academic programmes. The Pontifical University, Maynooth and Maynooth University share the same facilities on campus. The Maynooth University Access Office caters for students of Maynooth University and for students of the Pontifical University, Maynooth.

Maynooth is the perfect environment for learning. It is Ireland’s only University town, which means you can escape the hassle of long city commutes, or you can use the handy bus and rail links to the campus. Our unique, historic and beautiful campus is the ideal location for reflection and learning.

Pontifical University Entry Requirements

If you apply to the Pontifical University, you must meet the Minimum Entry Requirements. These are:

  • Grade H5 or higher in two Higher Level subjects and Grade O6/H7 or higher in four Ordinary or Higher Level Subjects including English, Irish and a third language.
  • Any specific subject requirements for the course (e.g. Music requires a H5).

Please see the college website for the prospectus, which contains further information about course requirements.

How HEAR offers are made

Information on the method of selecting eligible HEAR students for the reduced points places is available: HERE

Information on the number of reduced points places per course available in The Pontifical University Maynooth is available: HERE

For information on DARE at The Pontifical University Maynooth:

Information on DARE at the Pontifical University Maynooth: HERE

Contact details of the HEAR advisor

Catherine Doherty, Access Office Senior Executive Assistant

T: 01 708 6025
E: hear@nuim.ie
W: www.maynoothuniversity.ie/access-office