The information on this site has been updated for 2017 but watch this space for the new look DARE and HEAR website which is currently under construction! It will be launched in early 2017 at the same address www.accesscollege.ie.

What is the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)?

The Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)  is a college and university scheme which offers places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are resident in the Republic of Ireland.

HEAR has been set up by a number of colleges and universities as evidence shows that socio-economic disadvantage can have a negative effect on how well a student does at school and whether they go on to college.

HEAR Applicants must meet a range of financial, social and cultural indicators to be considered for a reduced points place and extra college support.

Who is it for?

HEAR is for school leavers under the age of 23 as of 1 January 2017 who are resident in the Republic of Ireland. Mature and FET (Further Education and Training) students have their own admissions routes and should contact college admissions offices for more information. Applications to HEAR can only be made online through the CAO.

HEAR Application Video 2017

The HEAR application video is now available for 2017.  This video guides you through your application for the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) for college entry 2017. Suitable for students, parents, teachers and guidance counsellors.

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HEAR DARE Promo Video

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