DARE HEAR Summary Report 2020

Greater numbers of Higher Education Offers accepted by students with disabilities and students facing socioeconomic disadvantage in 2020.
Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) and Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) Annual Report 2020 published today shows a 22% increase in offer acceptance for students with disabilities and 15% increase for those experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage.

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HEAR Applications 2019-20

The 2020 CAO On-line Application Facility is now open.

Online applications to both DARE and HEAR can be made on www.cao.ie until 17:15 on 1 March.

Prioritisation of Reduced Points Places

Colleges participating in DARE and HEAR have agreed to prioritise applicants eligible for DARE and HEAR when allocating reduced points places. This is in order to increase the numbers of students who have a disability and are from a disadvantaged background progressing to higher education.