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Application Outcomes Released 2024!

The outcomes for 2024 were released on Tuesday, the 25th of June, 2024. If you were deemed eligible by DARE or HEAR you have no further steps to make. If you were deemed ineligible, please see the below steps.

Steps to Check the Outcome of Your DARE or HEAR Application

  1. Visit the CAO Website: Go to the Central Applications Office (CAO) website at
  2. Log In: Access the ‘My Application’ section by logging in with your CAO application number and the password you created when you first applied.
  3. Application Outcome Section: Once logged in, find and click on the ‘Application Outcome’ section. This will display the outcome of your DARE or HEAR application.
  4. Review Reasons for Ineligibility: If your application was deemed ineligible, this section will provide detailed reasons for the decision. Review these reasons carefully to understand why your application was not successful.
  5. Review and Appeal Application:
    • If you would like to make a Review and Appeal application, complete the online Review and Appeals application form by 5 pm on 2 July 2024.
    • You will find the Review and Appeal application form in the ‘My Application’ section on
    • Log in to your CAO account and click on the HEAR Review and Appeal Form button.
    • A Review and Appeal application is not considered to have been received until you receive an email from the CAO confirming receipt.
    • Ensure any additional documentation (e.g., objective documentary evidence or proof of postage) is provided by 3 July 2024 via post.
    • Note that changes in circumstances cannot be considered during the Review and Appeals process.
  6. Further Steps:
    • For DARE Applicants: If you need further clarification or believe there has been a mistake, you can contact the DARE office at the college you applied to. You can find contact details for participating colleges here.
    • For HEAR Applicants: Similarly, you can reach out to the HEAR office for more information or to appeal the decision if you believe there has been an error. You can find contact details for participating colleges here.

For more information or assistance, you should contact the college you have applied to via the information above.

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