Changes to Application Process 2021

Recognising the difficulty applicants and schools are facing due to extended periods of school closure, temporary changes have been made to the 2021 DARE process to help students to make their applications. To ensure supporting documentation reaches CAO in time for the March 15th deadline, DARE has made the following two changes to Section B Educational Impact Statement (EIS)

  1. Schools can now electronically sign off students’ supporting documentation. For further details please click here; and
  2. Students applying with Specific Learning Difficulties can now use literacy or numeracy attainment test scores which are up to three years older than those originally sought (from 2016 instead of 2019). For further details please click here

If you require any further clarification, you can contact a participating HEI here

DARE Application Information Session 2021

If you missed the DARE Application Information Session which was hosted live on Saturday 9 January or just want to revise the information provided, here is a recording of the event!

This session includes a general presentation on DARE and how to apply to it, as well as a Questions and Answers session on how to make a successful application. If this session does not answer your questions and queries, please do review the rest of this website and/or get in touch with one of our participating colleges who would be happy to speak to you.


DARE HEAR Summary Report 2020

Greater numbers of Higher Education Offers accepted by students with disabilities and students facing socioeconomic disadvantage in 2020.
Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) and Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) Annual Report 2020 published today shows a 22% increase in offer acceptance for students with disabilities and 15% increase for those experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage.

To download the report click here

Leaving Certificate 2020 Calculated Grades Process Errors

DARE / HEAR 2020: Leaving Certificate 2020 Calculated Grades Process Errors

Neither DARE nor HEAR eligibility is affected by the errors in the Leaving Certificate 2020 Calculated Grades process. When the revised Leaving Certificate calculated grades are provided to the CAO, DARE / HEAR eligible applicants will continue to be treated by the CAO in future rounds of offers as before.

(Friday 2 October 2020)


Got an Ineligible Outcome for DARE and/or HEAR? Here’s what to do

If your application for DARE and/or HEAR was deemed ineligible, you can make a Review and Appeal application.

For further details of how to make a Review and Appeal application for DARE click here.

If you need some advice or support in making your  DARE Review and Appeal application, you can get in touch with an advisor at one of our participating colleges here.

For further details of how to make a Review and Appeal application for HEAR click here.

If you need some advice or support in making your  DARE Review and Appeal application, you can get in touch with an advisor at one of our participating colleges here.

DARE Applications 2019-20

The 2020 CAO On-line Application Facility is now open.

Online applications to both DARE and HEAR can be made on www.cao.ie until 17:15 on 1 March.


2021 DARE & HEAR Application Information Day

Date: Saturday 9 January 2021
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Nationwide

DARE organises Application Information Events each year. The Application Information Day provides an opportunity for you and/ or your parent(s)/ guardian(s) to meet online with a member of the DARE team to discuss your application.

Application Information Days will take place online for 2021. Further information on DARE HEAR application days 2021 will be published on here on accesscollege.ie in due course


Changes to requirements for applicants with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD)

DARE no longer requires a full psycho-educational report dated within the previous three years of application for students applying on the basis of an SLD (Dyslexia or Dyscalculia).

• Applicants are required to submit a full psychological assessment report of any age in which a diagnosis of an SLD is clearly outlined.
• Applicants will be required to submit attainment scores, either from school-based testing or from testing administered by a suitably qualified psychologist, which have been carried within the previous two years.
• As with all other disability categories, a completed EIS must be included in the application to DARE.

Upcoming Key Dates

1st March Complete your DARE Application Form by 17:15
15th March Submit copies of DARE supporting documents to CAO by 17:15

Changes for General Practitioners completing the Section C Evidence of Disability

• Applicants who have an existing diagnosis but have difficulty accessing the appropriate professional to get confirmation of the diagnosis or an updated report may ask their general practitioner (GP) to complete the Section C Evidence of Disability form, if the GP has the relevant information on file.

• To ensure consistency for all applicants to DARE, the Section C (if completed by a GP) must be accompanied by a copy of a document from the applicant’s file in which the diagnosis is confirmed by the DARE appropriate professional.